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Defining the Future of Retail Technology


It's not just what you know,
it's who you work with.

Our accomplished network is composed of former industry C-level executives from some of the world's largest Fortune 500 companies, bringing unparalleled expertise from the forefront of the retail sector.

Industry-Focused Team

Operations, Innovation, and Venture Capital.

The Composite team comprises highly recognized venture professionals, retail industry executives known for their innovative successes, and highly incentivized advisors from industry-leading retailers. We intelligently fathom market leaders in our focus sector, gain access to those investments, and help our portfolio companies with our deep industry network.

Strategic Advisors

Recognized Leaders in the Field.

Our Portfolio

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Warehouse Robot

An Industry-Focused Venture Fund.

With an exclusive focus on retail, restaurants, and next-generation commerce technologies, we initiate investments into a pre-configured portfolio that includes indications of pre-money valuations and types of securities.


The Principals of the Fund are proven experts in their field and have worked hard to assemble a group of private, growing, and sector-leading companies that will represent the changing landscape of retail technology.

Our mission is to identify, invest in, and support the next generation of companies that will lead innovation in retail technology.

We are redefining the venture model of the past. By taking an investor-centric approach with a focus on retail technology, our unique business model allows our investments to be placed into a known, pre-configured portfolio.

The Process

We believe our format is the future of private venture investing; a model designed for attentive portfolio assembly alongside sector experts, with no focus on "empire" building. Instead, we have directed our efforts to portfolio construction and companies led by exceptional entrepreneurs with strong advisory boards and post-product-market fitness.

By combining industry experience and knowledge, we work hands-on with our advisors to identify:

  • The most important trends

  • The emerging private companies that will be next-generation leaders in retail technology

  • The most thoughtful and dynamic entrepreneurs

For decades retail did not view technology as critical to winning markets... this has changed.

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All retailers are seeking automation for cost, reliability, and

expanded capability.

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Payments to Workers and Worker Retention

How you hire, train, pay, and retain today's most costly worker.

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Loyalty & Rewards

Customer profiles, loyalty schemes, and digital couponing.

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New Food Tech

Rapidly changing consumer preferences in food.

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Retail Media Networks

Next-gen analytics unlock customer data's value, elevating targeted

ads and personalized shopping.

Key Themes in Retail

Composite News

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